Birdchick Podcast #91 Tubing Crow Not As Smart As You Think

The last several days have included links to a rather amusing video of a hooded crow that looks like it's tubing.  Info has included "smart crows" to "crow tubing" to my personal favorite headline: "Science Can Neither Explain Nor Deny The Awesomeness Of This Sledding Crow." Psst, Alexis Madrigal, yes science can. Here's the video:

Explanation: Crow eating something round + peaked roof = sliding crow.  The fact that the bird can't seem to figure this out really doesn't do much for me in the whole, "crows are so smart" theory.  But if you want to pretend the crow is sledding, you'll get minimal judgement from me.

In other news...

West Virginia man hopes to break bird feeder record.

Birds fly faster due to Climate Change.