Birdchick Podcast #92: is going a little "blue..."

You were warned by the title. First up, James Currie the host of Birding Adventures got a show on National Geographic. Rather than playing it safe, he went with falconry for a topic.  I admire his balls on this and as someone who enjoys falconry (and went just this past Tuesday) I applaud him.  You should check it out, falconry is generally misunderstood in the birding community and it's a wonderful way to learn raptor id (if a falconer ever invites you out, say yes).  You can get a taste of Mr. Currie he the hottest birding tv host we've ever seen: discuss!!

Aerial Assassins premieres Friday, January 20th at 10pm EST. It will re-air Saturday, January 21st at 1am EST and Friday, January 27th at 3pm EST

Now for the hilarity:

A piece of advice.  If you have an iPhone...maybe don't use it to send your birding report to your local birding listserv as some poor woman learned with a roadrunner report to Colorado's list.

Crows start more stuff than Exlaxx.

Bird Watching Magazine (the UK version not the formerly named Birder's World) is offering a contest for a luxury birding trip to Scotland...can one have luxury and Scotland at the same time?

Busch Garden's has a new animal care facility.  Watch a flamingo get laser surgery!

Canopy Tower is having a last minute special for February, it's well worth it if you are looking for a mid winter break.  I've been there and if I didn't have other plans for New York, I'd be going.