Birdchick Podcast #94: Scott's Wild Bird Food Fined For Selling Contaminated Birdseed

Whoa! Scott's Wild Bird Food was fined $4.5 MILLION for 2 incidents that go back to 2008.  One is for selling bird seed contaminated with pesticides that their own staff ornithologist warned was toxic to birds and wildlife, the other was for selling lawn and garden products with falsified U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pesticide registration numbers. This got my attention because the nature blogosphere was taking the National Wildlife Federation to task for partnering up with Scott's as a sponsor. The NWF works to promote protecting the environment and protecting wildlife and you know, creating that whole Certified Backyard Habitat...partnering up with a major pesticide producer is a dangerous business.  As a result of public outcry, NWF announced they were ending their partnership with Scott's.

In other news, are you ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count?  Mark your February 17 - 20 on your calendars!

Woman get's kinglet caught in her hair.

Slow mo video of a goose flying upside down.

WildBird Magazine has a really great contest going.  All you have to do is make them chuckle with your most amusing birding adventure...

The murmuration video we were talking about.  Watch how the starlings use those crazy aerial moves to evade an aerial predator: