Drive By Cooting

During my South Texas break, we stopped at Santa Ana NWR for a bit.  It ended up being too mosquito-ish for my taste and we didn't last long there but got some great looks at least grebe.  These always look like they just heard the most shocking news ever...or that they are swimming around with some juicy gossip.  Saw-whet owls have the same look to them.

Suddenly, an American coot just took off full bear towards the least grebe I was watching.  Note the other grebe up in the left hand corner watching with excitment.

BOOM! The coot nailed the grebe!

I'm guessing the grebe managed to dodge the coot with a quick submerge but I was surprised it resurfaced so quickly.

I love it.  The least grebe looks as if it's thinking, "WTF was that all about?"