Big Half Year Bird #12 Wood Duck!

It's taken me quite a bit of practice and today I took 1086 photos and kept 261 of them (less than a dozen of which will end up in the blog).  I'm going to start including how many shots I took and deleted to give folks an idea of how many pictures I'll take in a setting and also to give an idea of how often I'm hitting the Delete Key. I'm still trying to sort out my differences with the Nikon V1.  We've certainly had our growing pains, like today it totally froze in place and I couldn't even turn it off.  I had to eject the battery to restart it and it forgot all of my settings. However, when lighting is right and the bird is in position, I can get shots like this:

wood duck


This was digiscoped with the Nikon V1, Swarovski ATX scope with 85mm objective lens. It helps that this was one cooperative male wood duck...who seemed glued to the hip of a male mallard (but who am I to judge).

wood duck male I'm not much of a lister (not that I have anything against people who do list birds, just has never been what floats my boat). However, I do like the challenge of seeing how many different species I can digiscope.  I may keep this going all year.  It gives me more of a purpose in the field (especially since the overall goal is a visitor center for Sax Zim Bog). And again, thank you to everyone who has donated.  As said earlier, I've taken my name out of the running for any prize, I just like bringing attention to this awesome birding area in Minnesota.

To see my complete list thus far, visit my Flickr set for the Big Half Year.