Big Half Year Birds

trumpeter swan juvenile  

I got a trumpeter swan while going for some waterfowl in Hastings, MN for my Big Half Year challenge.  This immature bird was by itself and not with a family group. I didn't see any other trumpeters around.

swan beak injury


It did some a bit closer when some people arrived to feed the mallards and I noticed that it appears to have an injury to its upper beak. It was still able to forage underwater with it but I'm curious what happened if that was the reason why it wasn't with other swans.

When I arrived at the parking lot, there was a large flock of mallards sleeping. When I put my car in park, they all got up and came towards me like a zombie hoard. I got a quick video with my phone:

Sorry mallards, I don't feed bread to ducks.  Don't worry, at least 8 other groups arrived in the hour and a half I was there with corn and bread to feed them.  They've got plenty of food...though perhaps similar to fast food in nutrition.



Man, when this Nikon V1 is on, it's really, really on.  So here's another bird for my Big Half Year challenge.

sassy mallard


I couldn't resist getting some shots of this bathing mallard. I know I shouldn't anthropomorphize but boy that's a sassy looking bird and he does look like he's having a great time.

So, birds 13 and 14 for the list!

To see my complete list thus far, visit my Flickr set for the Big Half Year.