Birdchick Podcast #184 Sibley Guide Replacements, Famous Birders and Art Ducko


Buy Christana Staal's art. AKA Drawing 10,000 Birds

Hey remember the whole brew ha ha over the first printing of the second edition Sibley? Well, the publisher is now offering people who purchased that copy a chance to replace it with a  color corrected one according to The Birder's Library

Are more celebrities getting into birding? Actor John Stamos and singer John Mayer drop some interesting info on the social medias. 

I was honored to be included the list of people Audubon asked how we got into birding. And I giggled about some of the edits they made to my article. On another Audubon related note, the magazine had an article about an avian ecologist who tested about an anti-bird killing collar on their outdoor cat and it kinda works. Not sure what shocks me more: an avian ecologist admitting that they let their cat run loose and know it kills birds or that the collar actually kinda works. 

What it means when you see certain birds

Dungoens and Dragons birds