Birdchick Podcast #185 #TheDress #WeaselPecker and Panama

Hey! I'm going to Panama, want to come with me?

How does the whole "The Dress" debate apply to birding...think about all the times you saw someone (or maybe you yourself) grossly misidentify a bird...

Here are Non Birding Bill's suggestions of eye mind benders--it's the color dogs and chess set that freak me out. 

Another controversy...did a weasel actually hitch a ride on a green woodpecker? I'm Team #WeaselPecker

This lucky kid has a bartering system with crows...are we watching the origin story of a future evil genius?

Small owl penis story.

Here's the video from Dr. J. Drew Lanham...funny but also very sad. Want to be part of the solution? Check out Outdoor Afro.