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Lesser Prairie Chicken Attempts At Mating

This has been a very popular video at the Leks, Treks, and More Festival in Woodward, OK.  It’s a video from the lesser prairie chicken lek.  I female has found a male she likes and attempts to mate with him.  The other males in the lek are not happy about this.

YouTube Preview Image

6 comments to Lesser Prairie Chicken Attempts At Mating

  • I love your “Doh!” commentary!

  • Nancy Ortiz

    Jeez, you’d think they’d just chill out. They didn’t ask her to dance, did they?, and nothing was keeping ‘em from it! And, they don’t seem to be trying to lure her away. They’re seem to do this reflexively. Somehow, this seems all too human. She seems persistent, though, and will doubtless succeed in the end.

  • Steve

    Hmm…i think there’s a term for this which is VERY appropriate in this context.


  • The behavior has spread to humans around here! Doh!

  • Tom

    This is great, definitely lightened my day. The other males are hating to the extreme. Great post!

    *I Donate to Cornell Ornithology!*

  • TR

    It’s so nice to come here and relive that moment again. Your color commentary in the blind was priceless! And your enduring blind hygiene is equally remarkable considering your admission – quite a feat that you escaped our keen olfactories. I think it should be added to your resume and long list of festival talents.