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Honey Bee Nursery

bee eggs

I know I don’t do as many bee reports on the blog as I used to but in a lot of respects our bees do the same thing over and over. Not that I don’t delight in watching the hive, but how often can I report the same thing?

Things that are fun to check [...]

Chillaxing Bees


Total Slacker Bees #Beekeeping

Circle of Bees

Dear Bees,

I don’t want to get all Ned Stark on you, but Winter is coming. You are bees of summer and it’s been fun to fly around and explore, but seriously, dudettes, you need to start some serious storage to make it through the winter.

See, this whole socializing and not storing [...]

Bees Plugging Away

bee eggs

After having all of our beehives die this past winter, it’s so nice to finally have a warm spring day and look in to see bees industriously tending brood and filling up empty comb. Our Italian bees are filling up hives like crazy, but the Russians and Carniolans are at a slow and steady [...]

Maraschino Cherry Bees

Screen shot 2010-12-16 at 10.55.17 AM

Last week, I linked to the story about the bees producing red honey because the were gathering syrup from a Maraschino Cherry Factory–bees going for high fructose corn syrup, go figure.

There’s an article over at The Grist about one of their writers went for a blind honey taste test to see if she [...]

Useful Beekeeping Tools

lone bee

The lone bee!

It’s late fall and we are getting our bees ready for the winter. As we were winding our bee season to a close, I thought I would bring up 2 different pieces of bee equipment that have been incredibly useful to use this year. There’s a lot of bee equipment equipment [...]

Drunk bees!


Hello all, NBB here.

Yesterday was a pretty shining example of why, three (?) years into this process, I’m still the junior beekeeping assistant, the Barney Fife of the apiary world.

To get everyone up to speed: the bees needed to be fed, Sharon has to work, Neil is out of town, Hans is out [...]

Mice & Moths In The Hive

bee mistake

I always love when I catch bees making little mistakes with m camera–like falling when landing. It happens a lot. Bees are not perfect creatures.

I headed out to the hives to check my frame situation. A friend works at a local nature center and they need a few extra frames full of honey [...]

Beehives Attract Flycatchers

eastern peewee

This is an interesting little bird. It’s an eastern wood-peewee that was singing out around Mr. Neil’s property. Periodically, the peewee would flip out from its perch and grab some insects. I didn’t get a photo of it, but as I was watching the peewee through the scope, I noticed it grabbed a bee! [...]

Bee Sounds

I thought I would share some sounds of our bees. We’re down from 8 eight hives from the beginning of spring to six. One of the new hives failed (something happened with the queen) and the red hive…well she swarmed and no new queen hatched afterwards. We combined her remnants with another hive so her [...]